{ELF} Pore Refining Peel Off Mask Review

I ventured into new territory- the peel off mask. I haven’t ever used one of them before now because I’ve heard that they can actually damage the skin, but I decided to bite the bullet and see for myself. I got the e.l.f. Pore Refining Peel Off Mask because I’ve used elf products before and I trust the brand.

This shimmering black peel-off mask is supposed to strip away dirt and oil to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and reveal soft, clear looking skin. It is enriched with charcoal, witch hazel and lavender to reveal a more refined complexion.

My experience with this product is mostly a good one. I feel like it made a difference in my clogged pores and my overall complexion. It did hurt coming off, however. It wasn’t easy to remove. It didn’t peel off as one solid piece, and in some spots I had to use a cleanser to scrub off the remainder of it. But I would say the results outweigh the pain to remove. It is very fairly priced at only $8, and I will say I probably will get about 5 uses out of the bottle. And from now on I’ll use it only on my nose, chin and forehead. I don’t have large pores on my cheeks, and that’s where it hurt to remove it, so I’ll stick to using it as a spot treatment. I recommend this mask for anyone with large pores, and acneic skin.

What’s your favorite elf product? Let me know in the comments below!

Review Roundup {Skincare + Makeup}

If you don’t follow me on Instagram then you haven’t caught my recent product trials, so I figured I should do a huge roundup of all of them right here! (Side note: I post more on Instagram than I do here, so if you want to catch new makeup, skincare and beauty tips and suggestions then definitely follow me there, too.)

Coola Sport SPF 50 Face Sunscreen

Let’s begin with this Coola Sunscreen that I received in my most recent FabFitFun Summer Box! I’m an Esthetician so I’m very much for daily sunscreen applications to your face to help prevent too many of the sun’s bad rays from penetrating deep into your skin. When you don’t wear some type of protection on a daily basis that is extra years you’re adding to your skin’s age. It also means sun damage and dark spots appearing within your skin. So this sunscreen is supposed to be really good for the summertime because it’s meant to hold up against some sweating. I’ve been using it for months so I have had some time to develop a good opinion of it. Overall it’s a good sunscreen. I haven’t been burning and I’ve been spending a lot of time out in the sun. The only complaint I have about it is that my face does feel pretty oily after wearing it awhile. I haven’t been using too much of it, and I make sure to apply it evenly. I usually have pretty normal/dry skin and even I’m getting oily, so I imagine anyone with oily skin already might have some issues with that. I have used Coola sunscreens in the past, just different ones than this and I absolutely loved them! I highly recommend their SPF 30 Matte Tinted sunscreen! I have never used a sunscreen like it! NO oily feel, no shine, slight matte tint. The bottle retails for $36 and it lasts FOREVER! So like I said, overall the Sport SPF 50 does get the job done, but it isn’t the best I’ve ever used.

Air Repair Protect + Prevent Hydrating Serum

I’ve had really great experiences with Air Repair products in the past, and this BRAND NEW Protect + Prevent Hydrating Serum is no different! I was lucky enough to receive this serum before it was released, so I’ve been using it for several weeks now! Since the day I began using it I have had zero issues with my skin. You read that correctly, NO issues with my skin. No dryness. No flakiness. No rough patches. No breakouts or blackheads. Just smooth skin and a glowing complexion! I’m a true believer in this product, and I think it’s going to be a must-have for every woman’s nightly routine. Just like the rest of the Air Repair products it’s formulated without the use of: Parabens, Petroleum, and Mineral Oil. It’s vegan and cruelty free. But it is formulated with amazing ingredients such as Vitamins C & E, Cloudberry Seed Oil, Hydluronic Acid, Tiger Nut, and Pentavitin. Those ingredients are amazing for hydration, increasing elasticity and fighting aging skin, and correcting and preventing sun damage, correcting and preventing free-radical pollution. So basically leaving your skin glowing and very smooth. It’s $26 and I highly recommend it! You can use it morning and night, but definitely use it for your nightly routine to pair it with the benefits of sleep repair.

Orlando Pita Play Atmos-Shield

I’ve only recently began touching my toes in the water of hair care products so obviously my opinion on this is not a professional one. This product is a 10-in-1 hair protectant treatment spray, providing you with an invisible barrier to help combat damage caused by: heat, UV rays, humidity, pollution, and free-radicals. It is supposed to protect your hair, seal split ends, and lock in moisture for softer and smoother looking hair. It retails for $34 and this is another product that I received in a previous FabFitFun Box. Honestly, I think it works! Every time I use it my hair looks silky and feels so weightless and soft. I know it’s easy to use because I’m not good at doing my hair and even I can make it work! I highly recommend trying it out! I haven’t been disappointed.

Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight Contour Palette

OMG, guys, I have never loved a contour palette so much in my life! It matches my complexion perfectly, and enhances in a very natural looking way! Also received in my last FabFitFun Box, (so obviously if you haven’t tried FFF yet, it’s time!) and it normally retails for $45. I am so hooked that I won’t even try another one after I run out, I’ll just keep buying this one. It’s that good.

ISH Lip Statement Palette

So last but not least is the ISH Lip Palette! ALSO received in a FabFitFun box earlier this year, and usually retails for $19.95. I really love the color variety that this palette offers. There’s beautiful bright pinks, reds, nudes, and even some burgundy. The only complaint I have is that the lip colors aren’t long lasting. I do have to make sure and touch up my lips throughout the night and none of them are matte. They all have a shine to them. Which is fine, I just have been preferring the matte look more lately. Overall I like the palette because of the variety of colors, but I probably wouldn’t buy it again. It’s been nice to have, but it isn’t essential.

*I love trying new things! What should I try out next? Let me know below!

{New} Home Sweet Home

We are so so happy that we ended up building a house instead of buying one that we looked at. It is the best feeling seeing everything that you picked out all come together! It has taken some time, because let’s face it- kids make everything take longer- but I am finally getting things decorated how I want!

Of course I still have lots of work to do, it’s always going to be a work in progress but I have decided to keep it super simple this time. I don’t want any clutter, and I want everything to be white and grey. Not a lot hanging on the walls, and no big furniture! I want it to stay open and airy.

Home Goods has been my go-to for most of my decor, but there is of course Target. I can’t stop myself from getting stuff every time I’m there! Groceries? Check. Diapers? Check. This adorable plant that I want to put on my dining table? Check. This basket that I don’t have anything to put in yet? Check. Anyone else have the same problem?!

I’m currently searching for the perfect dining room table! We have just been sitting at the counter to eat, but I’m really ready to find a table. Any suggestions for me? I really want a white, round table and it HAS to be affordable. No $2,000 table for me! (My kids would ruin it and then I’d cry about it every day.)

*Stay tuned! More pictures to come! (When I can finally get more things done in my house!)

Where’s your favorite place to shop for furniture? Let me know in the comments below!

Sephora Purifying and Mattifying Grey Clay Mask Review

Ohhhh man I am a sucker for face masks! Every single time I go into Sephora I want to leave with a new mask to try. Every. Single. Time. This time I left with the Sephora Collection Purifying and Mattifying Grey Clay Mask. The pouch it comes in says you should get 4 uses out of it, but so far I’ve only used it twice and I doubt I’ll get another full use out of it.

That aside, I really like it! I’m impressed with the way my skin looks clearer after using it. The color of the grey clay really helps tone down the red undertones in my skin and makes my skin tone look really even. Both times after using it I have broken out the next day, but that’s due to the impurities being drawn out by the mask, proving that it does purify your skin.

As for it helping my skin appear more matte, I’d say that it does work, but only for a short time. My face regained the shininess after about an hour or so of using it. It never really gets too hard, which I like. I don’t like feeling like my face is stuck.

It’s a nice mask to use in the summertime when you have lots of clogged pores from all the sweating and the makeup melting into your pores. It’s an extremely affordable Skin Care Item costing a mere $8. But like I said, I doubt you’ll get 4 complete uses out of it. Maybe if you do more of a spotty application you could. I definitely recommend trying it out if you struggle with clogged pores, dull skin, uneven tone or blackheads!

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Which Sephora Collection Mask is your favorite?! Let me know below!

Dove Hair Care Strong Hold Hairspray

I like the Dove Dry Shampoo so I decided to try out their Strong Hold Hairspray and I have some mixed feelings.

First let me start by saying it smells really good, which is one thing that I look for in my product choices. If something smells bad, I’m probably not going to use it.

But after using it a few times I’ve decided that I probably won’t buy it again. It holds well, but it leaves your hair feeling sort of sticky. Not soft at all. It holds curls well, but I will say that if you try to comb them out with your fingers your fingers continually get stuck in your hair and it just becomes tangled. Not cute.

I have also tried it as just something to keep my flyaways down, and it holds them down, but with that hairsprayed look. So it definitely doesn’t look smooth.

Overall I’m not impressed and I know I can find better products at the same price point. I would have to rate it a 2/5.

What’s your hairspray recommendations? Let me know below!

{Hair} Me Out: First Ever Hair Post

I have worked at a salon as an esthetician for the past 10 years and for the entirety of those 10 years I have had no clue how to style my hair correctly. My stylist has given me pointers. Recommended certain products for me. I would try them and give up because it would never look as good as having her style it for me. I fell into the routine of pony tails and straightening my hair. That’s been the only 2 things that I knew how to do. Trying new things hasn’t ever worked out for me. I give up before I can perfect anything. BUT NOT ANYMORE!

I’m tired of looking at pictures of myself and seeing dull hair. I have made it my goal this summer to make a huge effort with my hair. From taking care of it with the products that I use on it to learning new ways to wear it. So I’m sure you all know what a curling wand is. Well, I’ve had the same one for a few years and I’ve never been satisfied with the way my curls look. I see these cute curly styles on instagram and the girls make it seem effortless that I just figured it was my lack of talent when it comes to using it.

An esthetician that I work with recommended this wand that looks like balls stacked on top of each other. She has been using it for awhile now and her curls are always perfect! I was so eager to find one and try it out. I researched a little and then ended up getting the Revlon Clipless Ceramic Spiral Ball Curl Wand. I cannot believe the difference it has made for me!! My curls actually look GOOD. The wand can be used for spiral curls or for doing beach waves and I can honestly say it is EASY TO USE!

Honestly, I’m starting to believe it’s the things you choose to use on your hair that make all the difference. Trying different products and finding the right ones for you instead of just picking something and thinking, “well maybe I’m just not using it right.” Trying different styling tools and different brands that can offer different things instead of picking one wand and thinking, “man, I am so bad at this!”

Maybe I just didn’t try hard enough to find the right things for my hair, but now that I have found this wand I am super motivated to try.

I feel like the curls that I get from this wand are tighter and stay longer. They don’t fall out after only an hour after doing them. First I use Orlando Pita Play Atmos-Shield for style prep and heat protectant. I brush my hair with a comb and then quickly rub my roots for a little volume. Next, I lightly spray my hair with Dove Extra Hold hair spray. I then separate my hair into 3 sections, and curl my way through. After I’ve finished curling, I spray my hair one more time with hair spray and run my fingers through my hair. Voila!

All I change for doing beach waves instead of curls is where I start with my wand on my hair. When I curl I start about 1.5 inches down instead of curling my hair from the very top. And after I’ve finished curling, I wait about 5 mins and then use a comb to brush the top layer just to smooth it out. I use my fingers to kind of work through the rest of my hair, just twisting and piecing together some of it. Then one final spritz of hair spray.

I’ll keep updating you all more on my hair journey this summer on my Instagram! I’m hoping to get my professional stylist to do a guest tutorial on my page! Who would like that? Let me know in the comments below!

Summer Lovin’ {Instagram Recap}

I am finally all moved into my new house! I mean all boxes are unpacked, things are organized and put away, and I’ve finally decided where to hang things! It took awhile but it feels so good to have all of that done and now my life can get back to normal! Which means back to regular posting! If you follow me on Instagram (browneyedandblushing) then you have seen a lot of things I’ve been sharing and loving this summer. I thought I’d do an Instagram Recap for those of you who might not have caught all of it.

Elle and Ivey Custom Welcome Mat

I love this welcome mat so much! My husband has always been a huge Nirvana fan so when I came across this on Instagram I knew I needed it for our new place! They make custom phrase mats as well, so I might just have to get a few more to keep trading out with the seasons. Go check out their Etsy page! You need one. Or two. Or three.

Aveda Daily Light Guard SPF

I’ve been a big fan of Aveda skin care for the past 10 years and have watched them bring in all kinds of new products through the years. This one is by far one of the best I’ve used. This face sunscreen is formulated differently than a lot of other sunscreens so it feels more like a serum. It’s light and soft and has a slight tint to it so your skin doesn’t look stark white when you put it on. I’ve been using it a lot this summer and I love how it doesn’t break me out! If you’re looking for a good facial SPF try this one out. It’s SPF 30 and you can wear it under your makeup!

Kristin Ess Shampoo and Conditioner

I tried this set for the first time around Christmas of last year and for some reason I didn’t buy them again until now. I really do like this shampoo and conditioner. The smell is pretty fantastic and I like how clean my hair feels. I mentioned on Instagram a few weeks ago that my summer goal is to take better care of my hair and learn some new ways to style my hair. I started by buying a shampoo and conditioner that I knew I would be happy with so I’d feel more motivated to try some new things! Has that happened yet? Not quite, but I promise I’m going to try!

Mix and Match Swim Suit

I finally have a pool! All of my other swimsuits are from previous summers and I wanted to buy one that I felt comfortable in and that was flattering of my post-two-babies body. Trust me, that bikini from my honeymoon just doesn’t fit the same anymore! I got these high waisted black bottoms from Target and the lemon top I found at Walmart. I feel so much more comfortable in high waisted bottoms that suck in that little pooch that I can’t get rid of and this top is just the pop of color that I was looking for! They’re mix and match but look super cute together.

Dr. Jart+ Hydration Lover Rubber Mask

I actually just wrote a full review on this mask, and as you could have guessed I think it’s pretty awesome. It made my skin super soft and really helped the overall appearance of my skin. I had been looking pretty blotchy and had several blemishes that left my face looking irritated and after using this rubber mask my skin immediately looked more even toned! I’ll be buying several more of these to keep on hand for emergency situations. Or Sundays. Or ya know, just any day that I feel like using a mask.

Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer

I have never tried a sunless tanner before this one. I don’t know what’s wrong with me that it took me 28 years of life to think about using it, but it finally happened and I’m in love! It smells so good and doesn’t have a strong “tan” smell which I was worried about. It goes on right after you shower and it sinks in pretty well. You have to use it consistently to notice a significant difference in color, but once I got there I was hooked. I don’t have to look super pale at all times now!

Oh K! Sleep Mask

One of my girlfriends gave this to me to try out and I hadn’t ever heard of this brand before but the mask is pretty great! My skin felt really good for like a week after my first use and then I used it again the following week and was really impressed that it still continued to make my skin feel so soft and hydrated. I also like that it isn’t a one use thing that you have to buy another pack for each additional use. There’s 5 or 6 uses in one package so you can enjoy it for awhile before having to go buy it again.

ELF Exfoliating Scrub

I wrote a full review on this product a few months back, but I’ve been using it a ton this summer to keep my skin glowing and clear. It is very inexpensive, especially for it being a skin care product, but it works just as well as the scrub that costs 4 times it’s cost. I have been using it about once a week in the shower so the steam can really soften my pores and work with the scrub to get out trapped dirt and oil. I highly recommend this ELF Exfoliating Scrub for the summer. It will really help slough off any dead skin and keep your skin glowing!

Target Shirt and Sandals

I have a mild addiction to Target, as you all could have guessed. I have been wearing these sandals on repeat and I love how neutral they are so I can wear them with basically anything. This shirt is a summer fave of mine because it’s so flowy and bright! I’ll be wearing it all summer long; it doesn’t feel hot because the fabric is very light. I am all about all things Target!

KNC Beauty Collagen Lip Mask

I received this in a previous FabFitFun box and it came with like 6 or 7 of them in the bag so I still have a few left that I’ll be using up this summer. I don’t know how but they do give your lips a little plumping after just one mask. I mean, just about as much as you’d get from one of those lip serums that make your lips all tingly, but it does work. I use them before date nights and nights that I’m going out! Maybe it’s just in my head, but I feel like it makes my lipstick look better, too!

Keep following me on Instagram for more summer posts! What’s your favorite thing to use in the summertime? Let me know in the comments below!

Dr. Jart+ {Hydration Lover Rubber Mask} Review

I found some extra time this morning in the midst of all the crazy to spend on my skin, and I’m so glad that I did because I discovered a product that I have a feeling will become a regular part of my routine.

Have any of you ever tried a Rubber Mask? This was my first one and I wasn’t disappointed! I like it SO MUCH MORE than Sheet Masks. This mask in particular is in two pieces – a top for the forehead, eyes, nose and cheeks, and a bottom for the mouth and jawline.

You start by using a serum on your face, which kind of melts into your skin when you get it on. Feels awesome. Then you lay the Rubber Mask on top of it and let it sit for 10 minutes. The best part is that because it is in two pieces it fits better than the 1 piece masks. Much more customizable. When I took the Dr. Jart+ Hydration Lover Rubber Mask off I noticed instantly how much softer my face felt! This mask also has a cooling effect, so I saw a difference in the redness in my complexion as well. Much more even and not blotchy.

When you remove it you can splash water on your face and pat dry, or you can just do what I did and get your hands wet and push the serum deeper into your skin instead of removing any of the residue. I’m really impressed with this mask and I will be investing in it again! It retails for $12 at Sephora, and don’t forget to check out the other Dr. Jart+ Rubber Masks! There’s several more focusing on the different skin issues. This one is good for any skin type, and focuses on boosting your hydration level. I give it a 5/5 for sure!

What was your experience like when using a Dr. Jart+ Rubber Mask? I want to know what you thought. Leave it in the comments below!

Summer Kickoff Giveaway!

I’ve been looking forward to summer more this year than I have in the past. A lot of exciting things are happening for my family right now that have kept me busy and I want to thank my followers for sticking with me these past several months! What better way to thank the people that support me than to do a GIVEAWAY?!?

I want to help one of my followers kick off the summer with some beauty products! I’ve chosen several of my favorite items to send in a little “Welcome Summer” package!

Who has used one of these Rubber Masks before?! I have and they are SO COOL! This particular one focuses on Anti-Aging and will help with any fine lines and deep-set wrinkles. It will also help by bringing some extra hydration and moisture to dry skin.

I’ve chosen a good summer nail color – Topless and Barefoot by Essie! It’s so beautiful and good for any skin tone!

Dry Shampoo is every woman’s secret weapon! Or maybe it’s just mine? Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo is my newest discovery and I can’t wait for you to experience it!!

So I guess Katy Perry partnered with Covergirl recently and came up with some fun lipsticks and lip glosses! I chose my favorite matte shade from that collection- Sphynx Sphinx! I love the color so much I got one for myself, too!


Everyone is welcome to enter, all you have to do is head over to my Instagram and follow me, and comment and “like” my giveaway post! I’ll give you all until MAY 26th by 11:59pm to enter. Follow me on Instagram for info on ways to earn more entries! I’ll announce the winner on May 27th ON INSTAGRAM, so make sure you are following to see if you are my winner!!

Good luck, darlings!!

{Mascara} The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Round 4

I’ve been in the middle of moving around these past several months while we wait for our house to be built, so it’s been crazy from week to week. I promise in a few weeks when we FINALLY get into our house I will be posting much, much more than I have been! I’ve been listening to your suggestions, and I will definitely get to all of them soon! One suggestion that I keep getting messages about are more Mascara reviews! I am just now getting to it because it takes awhile to work my way through several different tubes of mascaras, but I’m finally ready to review some more!

MILK MAKEUP Kush High Volume Mascara in Boom- Blackest Black

It retails for $24 at Sephora. I felt this mascara was just alright. I didn’t feel like I noticed anything special about it, which was disappointing. It’s a new product that I got from Sephora and I expected a lot out of this one because all of the reviews on Sephora’s website were all really good. Apparently everyone loves it but me. I feel like it’s overpriced for the result that I got. I like a lot of mascaras better that cost a lot less. It didn’t do much except darken and define a little. I didn’t notice any extra length, volume or curl. I rate it a 2/5.

Covergirl Lash Blast Clump Crusher Mascara

It retails for $6.69 at Target. The goal of this mascara is to give you length, thickness, and volume all while not leaving your lashes clumpy. I definitely didn’t notice any lengthening or volume, but I did notice some extra thickness. There were no clumps, but my eyes itched and burned all day long until the second I took it off. Overall I would say I don’t think it’s worth a try, and I’d save my money to try a different mascara. I rate it a 2/5.

Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Bang Volumizing Mascara

This mascara retails for $24 at Sephora. Overall I thought this mascara was a little better than average, but I’ve definitely used better. This mascara really did bring the volume! And the best part is that it can be layered without weighing you down. This picture is showing 2 layers of mascara, but I did add another a few hours after taking this picture. I noticed real length and lift, but it diminished after only a few hours for me, which is why I reapplied one more layer. I did like it though, and I will be using it again in the future! I rate it a 4/5.

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara in Black

This mascara retails for $5.19 at Target. Truly the least impressive out of all that I tried this round. I noticed very little enhancement when wearing this mascara. I wouldn’t recommend it at all. Use that $5 and put it toward a different mascara. I rate it a 1/5.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

This mascara retails for $26 at Sephora. I really liked this mascara! I loved how my lashes didn’t feel crusty and heavy, but really natural and soft. I didn’t notice any flaking throughout the day, and the volume lasted all day long! It did help a little bit with the curl and lift, but I’ve seen better. This mascara was a close second this round of mascara trials. I rate it a 4/5.

L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise in Mystic Black

This mascara retails for $8.99 at Target. By far my favorite out of this round of mascara trials. It is supposed to bring volume and length, while leaving your lashes feathery soft with its smooth glide formula. It does all of that! My lashes felt smooth and it didn’t leave black speckles on my cheeks from it crumbling throughout the day. The Mystic Black is beautiful, and it really does just glide on. I was impressed with the amount of volume and length it brought. Especially for the price you pay! I highly recommend this mascara! 5/5 for sure.

Tarte Lights,Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara

It retails for $23 at Sephora. I realllly liked this mascara the first few times I wore it and I thought it was one of my new favorites, but I noticed a ton of flaking about the 3rd time I wore it. I thought maybe it was just a bad tube but after reading reviews online, tons of other people were having the same issue. It was great when it didn’t flake, but when it did it caused lots of burning in my eyes. The lengthening and curling aspects were great for the first half of the day but then my lashes dropped down and I couldn’t get them to re-curl and stay curled. So I would say this mascara was great when it worked, but when it didn’t it was just annoying to have on. I’d rate it a 2.5/5.

I’m always looking for mascara recommendations to try next! I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!