Project Nursery: From Office Space to Baby Room

It doesn’t even look like the same room, and I’m so excited to share the transformation and details with all of you!

5 Perfect Lip Colors 

I will openly admit I have an obsession with lipstick. Not just lipstick, but lip stain, lip gloss, lip balm, liquid lipstick, so pretty much anything lip-related. There are always so many new colors coming out that it’s so hard to keep up, but here are some classics that you can always rely on.

Perfect Maternity Leggings

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for some good maternity pieces. If you’re going to carry a baby around for nine months you might as well be comfortable, right?!  It’s hard to find good leggings that are not only comfortable, but stylish as well. Since I’ve found some that I love IContinue reading “Perfect Maternity Leggings”

New Year’s Resolution : Smoothies for Weight Loss

As we enter 2017, we all have our resolutions that we want to start focusing on. For a lot of people that means eating healthier and trying to lose those extra pounds that we put on throughout the holidays. Wondering where to begin? Smoothies.