Instagram Recap {August}

I mentioned a few posts ago that I am more active on my Instagram page (@browneyedandblushing), so I recommend you follow me there for daily updates!

But for those of you who only follow me here, I’ll go ahead and do a recap of the beauty products and fashion finds I’ve posted about over the past month!

Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque

This is a Masque that I use fairly often, especially on my guests at work. (I’m an Esthetician at Ihloff Salon and Day Spa Utica Square in Tulsa.) I use it when my face (or a client’s face) has a lot of cloggage and dull looking skin. It is the best mask for pulling out impurities without drying out your skin and it always sloughs off the top layer of dead skin to reveal a healthy glow. I highly recommend this mask, and if you want to try it out in a facial hit me up if you’re near the Tulsa area!

Date Night Out

I wore this outfit on our last date night around our town of Broken Arrow! Black booties, and a black bag are usually my go-to. I wore dark washed Gap jeans and this ADORABLE feminine top that’s from Target. This top has a little texture to it that you can’t really see, and black vertical stripes running up and down. Not to mention the cut out-style sleeves with ties at the top.

Moroccan Magic Lip Balm

This lip balm has risen to the top (tied with Burt’s Bees) as my go-to lip balm. It’s infused with Moroccan oil, and has yummy flavors that are different than anything else I’ve ever tried, like coconut almond (pictured above), lemon and thyme, and rose. My lips stay hydrated for hours and I swear it really is the smoothest lip balm out there!

Lancôme Mascara Base

So I am actually working on another mascara review and I include this lash booster in with it, but what I will tell you is that it’s supposed to be worn underneath your typical mascara to increase curl, length, and thickness. I’ll hopefully be sharing that review this upcoming week, so check back for those details soon!

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom

This Mascara is also included in that upcoming review, but here’s a little hint: it’s not the best mascara I’ve ever used.

Target Try On Session

I covered this in my Instastories a few weeks ago! I took my son along for the ride, so excuse the mess (and random shoes) in the background. Jeans and shoes are both Target as well as all of the tops I’m wearing. The green romper is something that I normally wouldn’t pick out for myself, but I was drawn to it. The olive color is really pretty and perfect for fall, and it was comfortable! Dark washed jeans are my favorite, so you’ll rarely see me in light colored jeans. I got these boots a month ago to start preparing for fall (they’re also available in black)! I’m in love with every top that I tried on, but only left with a few. I chose my favorites and will go back for the others a little at a time. If you’re able to go buy a bunch of clothes at once, look at Target for some good fall pieces!

Nordstrom Rack Try On Session

Obviously with it being September the fall prep has begun! I have been selling some items from previous years online and some items on Poshmark to kinda clear out my closet to make room for some updates.

This weekend Nordstrom Rack has a good clearance sale happening and several of the tops from above are included in that! Somehow I always end up trying on a couple of black tops, and Nordstrom Rack has some unique ones! The shoes I’m wearing are from Target, and the jeans from American Eagle. All of the tops are NR. They’re all fairly priced and I saw tons and tons of great fall options!

elf Cosmetics Pore Refining Peel Off Mask

I did a full review on this last month, but I thought I’d clump it in here for anyone who may have missed it. I used it all over my face the first time, and I will admit that was a mistake. I go more into detail on that review I was talking about, but I quickly realized this should be used as more of a spot treatment mask for myself than an overall one. I don’t have large pores all over my face, and I only struggle with clogged pores sometimes and only in certain areas. So if you are like me- DON’T use it on your entire face! Anyway, you can go read that post for the end result details.

Opal House Rug

My home is slowly coming together a little at a time! This is my entryway and entrance to our office, and so I wanted to put a rug here that complimented the area, but also added a little pop of color! Opal House at Target is totally that- a pop of color! They make amazing home furnishings and decor that are bright and different! I have a feeling this rug purchase was the first of many Opal House pieces for my house!

**If you’d like updates more often head to Instagram and follow me, @browneyedandblushing! **

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