My Nightly Skincare Routine

As an Esthetician I love sharing my product finds with everyone and what works well for me. I have had some recent questions about my morning and evening routines and it made me realize I haven’t shared those with you all in a long time! I share about random products all of the time, but haven’t actually shared my whole morning or evening routine.

I struggle with dry skin, usually just around my nose, and oiliness on my forehead and chin. This combination skin type sometimes makes it harder for me to find a balanced routine, since most lines are for dry OR oily skin types. I have found a good way to mix and match my brands that focus on different issues to bring my skin to a healthy place that I’m happy with. Every other evening I switch to a different routine, but keep it very similar.

I can’t use the BeautyCounter Cleansing Balm every night because then my face feels too oily, but if I use it every other night it makes my skin feel balanced.

So every other night I use my FAVORITE CLEANSER EVER- Air Repair Cleansing Milk. On these evenings, I add the Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion because I want to add that extra barrier of protection that I’m not getting from the Cleansing Balm.

The products that stay the same every night are the Air Repair Facial Mist, Air Repair Hydrating Serum, and Algenist Anti-Aging Eye Cream. The Facial Mist is used to balance out the pH of the skin, and bring out a healthy glow. The Hydrating Serum (full review here) is used to protect my skin from free radicals and toxins from burying in my pores, and to help my skin look more youthful, and the Algenist Eye Cream is used to diminish wrinkles around and under my eyes.

I’ll share my morning routine later this week, and how that focuses more on the oiliness in my skin. It may sound confusing to some people how I change my routine up so much, but it definitely works! I’m dedicated to keeping my skin healthy and looking good!

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