{New} Home Sweet Home

We are so so happy that we ended up building a house instead of buying one that we looked at. It is the best feeling seeing everything that you picked out all come together! It has taken some time, because let’s face it- kids make everything take longer- but I am finally getting things decorated how I want!

Of course I still have lots of work to do, it’s always going to be a work in progress but I have decided to keep it super simple this time. I don’t want any clutter, and I want everything to be white and grey. Not a lot hanging on the walls, and no big furniture! I want it to stay open and airy.

Home Goods has been my go-to for most of my decor, but there is of course Target. I can’t stop myself from getting stuff every time I’m there! Groceries? Check. Diapers? Check. This adorable plant that I want to put on my dining table? Check. This basket that I don’t have anything to put in yet? Check. Anyone else have the same problem?!

I’m currently searching for the perfect dining room table! We have just been sitting at the counter to eat, but I’m really ready to find a table. Any suggestions for me? I really want a white, round table and it HAS to be affordable. No $2,000 table for me! (My kids would ruin it and then I’d cry about it every day.)

*Stay tuned! More pictures to come! (When I can finally get more things done in my house!)

Where’s your favorite place to shop for furniture? Let me know in the comments below!

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