Sephora Purifying and Mattifying Grey Clay Mask Review

Ohhhh man I am a sucker for face masks! Every single time I go into Sephora I want to leave with a new mask to try. Every. Single. Time. This time I left with the Sephora Collection Purifying and Mattifying Grey Clay Mask. The pouch it comes in says you should get 4 uses out of it, but so far I’ve only used it twice and I doubt I’ll get another full use out of it.

That aside, I really like it! I’m impressed with the way my skin looks clearer after using it. The color of the grey clay really helps tone down the red undertones in my skin and makes my skin tone look really even. Both times after using it I have broken out the next day, but that’s due to the impurities being drawn out by the mask, proving that it does purify your skin.

As for it helping my skin appear more matte, I’d say that it does work, but only for a short time. My face regained the shininess after about an hour or so of using it. It never really gets too hard, which I like. I don’t like feeling like my face is stuck.

It’s a nice mask to use in the summertime when you have lots of clogged pores from all the sweating and the makeup melting into your pores. It’s an extremely affordable Skin Care Item costing a mere $8. But like I said, I doubt you’ll get 4 complete uses out of it. Maybe if you do more of a spotty application you could. I definitely recommend trying it out if you struggle with clogged pores, dull skin, uneven tone or blackheads!

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Which Sephora Collection Mask is your favorite?! Let me know below!

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