Dove Hair Care Strong Hold Hairspray

I like the Dove Dry Shampoo so I decided to try out their Strong Hold Hairspray and I have some mixed feelings.

First let me start by saying it smells really good, which is one thing that I look for in my product choices. If something smells bad, I’m probably not going to use it.

But after using it a few times I’ve decided that I probably won’t buy it again. It holds well, but it leaves your hair feeling sort of sticky. Not soft at all. It holds curls well, but I will say that if you try to comb them out with your fingers your fingers continually get stuck in your hair and it just becomes tangled. Not cute.

I have also tried it as just something to keep my flyaways down, and it holds them down, but with that hairsprayed look. So it definitely doesn’t look smooth.

Overall I’m not impressed and I know I can find better products at the same price point. I would have to rate it a 2/5.

What’s your hairspray recommendations? Let me know below!

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