{Hair} Me Out: First Ever Hair Post

I have worked at a salon as an esthetician for the past 10 years and for the entirety of those 10 years I have had no clue how to style my hair correctly. My stylist has given me pointers. Recommended certain products for me. I would try them and give up because it would never look as good as having her style it for me. I fell into the routine of pony tails and straightening my hair. That’s been the only 2 things that I knew how to do. Trying new things hasn’t ever worked out for me. I give up before I can perfect anything. BUT NOT ANYMORE!

I’m tired of looking at pictures of myself and seeing dull hair. I have made it my goal this summer to make a huge effort with my hair. From taking care of it with the products that I use on it to learning new ways to wear it. So I’m sure you all know what a curling wand is. Well, I’ve had the same one for a few years and I’ve never been satisfied with the way my curls look. I see these cute curly styles on instagram and the girls make it seem effortless that I just figured it was my lack of talent when it comes to using it.

An esthetician that I work with recommended this wand that looks like balls stacked on top of each other. She has been using it for awhile now and her curls are always perfect! I was so eager to find one and try it out. I researched a little and then ended up getting the Revlon Clipless Ceramic Spiral Ball Curl Wand. I cannot believe the difference it has made for me!! My curls actually look GOOD. The wand can be used for spiral curls or for doing beach waves and I can honestly say it is EASY TO USE!

Honestly, I’m starting to believe it’s the things you choose to use on your hair that make all the difference. Trying different products and finding the right ones for you instead of just picking something and thinking, “well maybe I’m just not using it right.” Trying different styling tools and different brands that can offer different things instead of picking one wand and thinking, “man, I am so bad at this!”

Maybe I just didn’t try hard enough to find the right things for my hair, but now that I have found this wand I am super motivated to try.

I feel like the curls that I get from this wand are tighter and stay longer. They don’t fall out after only an hour after doing them. First I use Orlando Pita Play Atmos-Shield for style prep and heat protectant. I brush my hair with a comb and then quickly rub my roots for a little volume. Next, I lightly spray my hair with Dove Extra Hold hair spray. I then separate my hair into 3 sections, and curl my way through. After I’ve finished curling, I spray my hair one more time with hair spray and run my fingers through my hair. Voila!

All I change for doing beach waves instead of curls is where I start with my wand on my hair. When I curl I start about 1.5 inches down instead of curling my hair from the very top. And after I’ve finished curling, I wait about 5 mins and then use a comb to brush the top layer just to smooth it out. I use my fingers to kind of work through the rest of my hair, just twisting and piecing together some of it. Then one final spritz of hair spray.

I’ll keep updating you all more on my hair journey this summer on my Instagram! I’m hoping to get my professional stylist to do a guest tutorial on my page! Who would like that? Let me know in the comments below!

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