{Follow-Up} Whish Nourishing Dew Mask Review

Several weeks ago I posted a review on the Whish Nourishing Dew Mask (find that here) that I received from my last FabFitFun subscription box, and I said I was going to update later on how it was working on the fine lines on my forehead and around my lips.


First let me start by saying it is truly one of my favorite masks that I’ve ever used. It does so many cool things for my skin, including diminishing flakiness and improving the texture and tone of my skin. The Whish website claims that it will “reduce the appearance of fine lines and inflammation”. As for the inflammation claim, I have noticed a more even tone after just the first use! I have lots of pink undertones in my face and this mask is so soothing that I noticed an instant difference! That alone is enough to make me love it. Add on top of that that it completely erased the flaky skin I had around my nose and made my skin so soft, it rose directly to the top of my mask favorites list!

Like I said, the Whish website also claims that it improves the appearance of those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. I had only used the mask for a few weeks when I wrote my first review so I didn’t have enough time to monitor the changes on the lines on my forehead and around my lips. Now that it’s been a good 6 weeks since I began using this mask I can share what changes I’m seeing in that department.


I don’t have any deep set wrinkles yet, but I do have many fine lines that bother me. So far I have noticed a little bit of improvement on the lines on my forehead for sure, but haven’t noticed a change in the lines around my lips yet. That is also probably my fault. I have this annoying habit of nibbling on my lips and cheeks, which I do for who knows how long before I realize it. So it definitely contributes to the lines around my lips, and those probably won’t go away until I fully ditch that habit. Along with this mask I have been using an e.l.f. exfoliating scrub twice a week, a Juice Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream every night,  BeautyCounter Cleansing Balm every night, Coola sunscreen every morning, the Ole Henriksen Vitamin C Serum every morning and night, and the Air Repair Facial Mist and Moisturizer every morning and night. I WAS using Air Repair Cleansing Milk every morning but I ran out and haven’t replaced it yet! All of those things have one thing in common- they’re good for dry skin. Using the correct type of home care products is very important in receiving the results you want. I struggle with dry skin and fine lines, so all of the skin care products I use target those issues. Would I receive amazing results from just one product? Maybe not. But pairing an amazing product with other products meant to fix the issues you’re struggling with will make all the difference!

What are your thoughts on the Whish Nourishing Dew Mask? I would love to know what everyone else thinks!

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