{Facials} Why They Are Necessary To Maintain Beautiful Skin

As most of you know, I am a licensed Aesthetician, and I have been in the business for about 10 years now. With all of the advanced products out now, a lot of women are thinking, “why waste the time and money on a facial?” Well, let me tell you why you should.

Behind The Scenes

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There’s so much more to a good facial treatment than just slapping some products on and then wiping them off. As an esthetician, we pay close attention to the products we choose to use on you. We evaluate your skin, decide what needs need to be met in the treatment that day, and then make the product choice. Obviously some products are too strong for certain skin types. Certain medications you are taking also effect our decision. There are lots of contraindications we have to watch out for. We are trained to know our ingredients and their effects on all skin types.

There are so many “miracle” products out now, but the women at Sephora and Ulta aren’t usually licensed estheticians. They don’t always know contraindications for certain skin types. They aren’t doing a detailed skin analysis and consultation to pick the exact right products for you. They know what a few “strong” ingredients do, so can throw you in a general direction. But in a facial treatment we get to know your skin before we put any products on it. Don’t get me wrong, having good home care products is very important! A lot of the work that goes into a facial is maintained through a good daily and nightly regimen. It’s like we are the personal trainers for your skin, and you’re continuing the work at home to maintain good results.

Like I said before, there’s more to facials than just slapping product on and wiping it off. The techniques we use when massaging products on the skin are way more important than you think. During the facial massage the techniques we use help with relieving muscle tension. When the muscles in the face get tight, wrinkles are the result! So getting regular facial massages help with the anti-aging and de-wrinkling process. It also speeds up the circulation in your face, neck, and décolleté which brings a natural glow to your skin, while also increasing your natural collagen production, and making it easier for products to be absorbed deeper into the skin.

There are also a lot of products that we have access to as licensed professionals than you have access to at Sephora. We have a lot of strong products that we are able to use on you that no one without training can be trusted with. Those products are incorporated into your facial treatments every time, so when you’re getting regular facials you are surely getting all of the good stuff!

One benefit of facials that I think is important for everyone to experience is RELAXATION! Everyone needs that time to turn their brain off, and to lay there and not worry about their phone. Allowing your mind and body to relax and melt into bliss is something that everyone needs to experience regularly, IMO. It can do so much for your mental health!

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There’s also a little thing called extractions! We take the time to extract blocked pores, working out all comedones and pimples, leaving your skin so much clearer! We have magnifying lamps that make it possible for us to see everything that you can’t. We can also reach places that you can’t see, so you aren’t able to do it yourself at home.

So taking the time once a month to go to the spa and receive a facial treatment is very necessary if you want your skin to be at its best! I truly believe that. Facial treatments are not a waste of money, or only for the rich. Do you get regular haircuts? Do you go to the dentist on a regular basis? The answer is yes, because you are meeting needs that are important for your body. Getting a facial is doing the same exact thing for your face.

If you live in the Tulsa area and would like to meet with me and receive a facial treatment and skin analysis and consultation, I would love to see you! I am at Ihloff Utica Square every Monday from 9-5. You can call 918-587-2566 to set up your appointment, and come prepared to be pampered! You’ll leave feeling completely relaxed and refreshed!

Where’s your favorite place to receive facials? Let me know in the comments!

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