Whish {Nourishing Dew Mask} Review

I’ve said numerous times before that I have crazy skin. It is mostly combination, but has lots of mood swings as the seasons (and hormones) change. Lately my skin has been flaky and dehydrated. Like, I cannot put my makeup on without having my nose and forehead becoming like a flaky croissant. It’s bad. It’s so dry here in Oklahoma lately, and I could be better about drinking more water, but I can say I don’t remember it being this bad before. I use my usual products that I’ve been using all winter, and the only thing that has worked is keeping my Air Repair Moisturizer on repeat over and over each day. That means I haven’t been wearing much makeup, because I can’t keep applying moisturizer on just my nose and forehead over my makeup. It would look silly.

So I received this Whish Nourishing Dew Mask several weeks ago in my FabFitFun subscription box (full list of products I received here), and me being the skincare junkie that I am couldn’t even wait a day before trying it. I wanted to use it several times before writing out a review just so I could be sure of how I felt about it and to see if I could see some results from using it regularly. Well something very interesting has happened to my skin since beginning to use this one product just a few times…the flakiness on my skin has disappeared! I haven’t changed anything else about my daily or nightly routines, except adding in this mask 2-3 times a week! The coolest thing is that I forgot to put my moisturizer on yesterday morning after washing the mask off because my skin felt so good! That NEVER happens! I always put it on. After having nothing on my skin for several hours, there was no flakiness. Not even the feeling of having dry skin. I have never encountered that before!

The goal of this mask is to cover your skin in intense hydration, reduce inflammation and redness, and fight fine lines and wrinkles. I haven’t noticed any fine line reduction YET but I’m not even into my third week of using it so I’ll update later on how it’s working on that.

It’s super simple to use, as is most masks. You apply a quarter size amount to your face, let it soak in for 10 minutes, and then wash off with warm water. It doesn’t harden or make your skin feel tight, it stays soft and I absolutely love that about it.

It retails for $54, and I am so excited I got such an amazing product in my FabFitFun box! I’m definitely hooked now!

Have you tried any Whish products? I want to know what you think! Leave a comment below!

8 thoughts on “Whish {Nourishing Dew Mask} Review

  1. Awesome review! I was curious about this product, as there are so many moisturizing products out there. I’m fff member too!


  2. Yes! I also received this with my FFF box. I LOVE the way this product smells! I put it on at bedtime and leavi it on all night!! It’s almost like giving yourself a facial before bed. I’m hooked, will definitely be ordering more from Whish.


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