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I feel like I waited for this package to come for weeks and weeks, and I finally got it yesterday and wasn’t disappointed! It’s safe to say that it was worth the wait. There’s so many fun things inside that I never expected! First of all, it’s ALL full sized products- no tester or sample sizes here. It’s valued at over $200 and is only a small fraction of that cost. I am blown away with the amount of things they include. fab fit and so much fun!

Photo Jan 14, 10 59 30 AM

Photo Jan 14, 11 38 25 AM

My dog would not leave this alone. He thinks it’s his. I could not stop laughing at him! If I turned my back for one second he was right there poking it with his nose and smelling it!

Photo Jan 14, 11 38 48 AM

Photo Jan 14, 11 39 14 AM.jpg

Photo Jan 14, 11 39 18 AM.jpg

Photo Jan 14, 11 40 07 AM

This Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer smells AMAZING! It’s scented like Bulgarian Rose, and it feels so cool! The sponge is soft and cold, and has a little bit of texture for exfoliation. I can’t wait to try it!

Photo Jan 14, 11 42 21 AM

Photo Jan 14, 11 43 52 AM.jpg

The colors in the REAL HER Play Book Palette are phenomenal. They’re really pigmented, and the shimmer adds so much to the colors. I’m going to post some pics later this week using my favorite colors from this palette.

Photo Jan 14, 11 45 44 AM

I am super stoked about this Makeup Drop Silicone Applicator!! I don’t use liquid foundation very often, but when I do I don’t like applying it with a brush. I’m definitely going to test this out this week to see if I can tell a difference between it and a brush.

Photo Jan 14, 11 46 37 AM

Photo Jan 14, 11 47 14 AM

This beautiful necklace from Summer and Rose surprised me the most. I had no idea that jewelry came included in this box! It is so simple, which is exactly what I like in my jewelry. It’s unique and different from any other necklace that I have.

Photo Jan 14, 11 48 42 AM

I can never have too much skin care! Give me all of the masks. This Whish Nourishing Dew Mask will be reviewed within these next few weeks!

Photo Jan 14, 11 50 12 AM

Photo Jan 14, 11 57 17 AM

If I’m being honest, I don’t really know how much I’ll use this Muscle Soak Himalayan Salt. I don’t ever really work out to the point that my muscles need to be cooled…BUT I will be training for a half marathon these next few months, so maybe after those long runs this will come in handy! It smells good, at least.

Photo Jan 14, 11 51 35 AM.jpg

This gym bag is tied for favorite with the amazing Mer Sea cozy wrap! It could not describe me more. Lol. I work out so I can eat bread. And cupcakes. And ice cream. It’s jean material, and has a little pocket for your keys and chapstick on the side. I love it so much! But like I said, it’s tied with this gorgeous blush wrap! Softest scarf I’ve ever felt. And the colors could not be more perfect!

Photo Jan 14, 11 52 59 AM.jpg

Photo Jan 14, 11 55 51 AM.jpg

Photo Jan 14, 11 53 55 AM

If you are considering trying out FabFitFun, I highly recommend that you do it. You definitely will not be disappointed! I believe it’s worth every penny that you spend on it. Now I can’t wait to see some of the sneak peeks of what will be in the Spring box!

4 thoughts on “{fabFitfun} #editorsbox

  1. The Spongelle buffer is AMAZING! I am squeezing my last use out of it and am sad. I really need to purchase another. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with any FFF box. They are all incredible, however, I do share some of the goodies with my three daughters.

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  2. Your dog is a cute addition to the photos!😊 And I received this box a while ago and absolutely love it. I was worried at first it wouldn’t be quality, but every item is definitely quality in the FFF box. I’m excited for the next box.


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