{OOTD} 2017 Recap

So another year is ending, and this was the first year that I actually blogged a little about fashion! I definitely wouldn’t consider myself any kind of fashion idol or anything. I love super casual and comfy outfits (usually still cute), and most bloggers are super glamorous and wear tons of designer items on a daily basis. I don’t. Not that I don’t love the LV bags and the amazing dresses, because I’d wear it all, BUT it isn’t realistic for me. My kids are messy, and they pull on my clothes and stretch them out, and I need things that I can wear without worrying about them being ruined every day. Which I feel is very relatable for my followers. Even if you aren’t a parent, comfy and casual is very easy and fits a lot of personalities. So I’m sharing a recap of my favorite outfits that I’ve posted in 2017 for those of you who share the same tastes in style!


Photo Jul 20, 7 12 22 PM

{Dress is from Nordstrom Rack/Sandals are from Target/Bag is from Old Navy.}


Photo Dec 26, 2 39 32 PM

{Shirt is from Bless Your Heart Boutique/Sandals are from Target/Jeans are from Gap/Bag is from Old Navy.}


Photo Dec 16, 4 30 40 PM.jpg

{Hat is from Urban Couture/Gray shirt is from Target/Plaid shirt is from Old Navy/Jeans are from Gap/Boots are from Steve Madden.}


Photo Sep 17, 11 57 32 AM

{Coffee shirt is from Fresh Mommy Blog/Plaid shirt is from Target/Shoes are from Target/Jeans are from Target.}


Photo Aug 03, 11 25 04 AM

{Shirt is from Gap/Purse is from Kate Spade/Jeans are from Gap/Boots are from Steve Madden/Necklace was a bridesmaid gift, and the bride doesn’t recall where she bought it! Haha.}


Photo Dec 08, 2 24 32 PM

{Sweater is from New York and Company/Scarf is from Target/Boots are from Steve Madden/Jeans are from Gap.}


Photo Dec 26, 3 00 54 PM

{Shirt is from Target/Jeans are from Old Navy/Shoes are from Old Navy.}


So you can definitely tell I wear a lot of the same brands- Target, Gap, Old Navy. But I’m always on the lookout for good deals and cute pieces I can’t pass up! Those places often have both.

Speaking of good deals, there are TONS of sales going on today at all of the above mentioned places, so make sure you go check them out!

Also don’t forget to keep looking for more details on my New Year Giveaway!


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