Strip Lash Debate

I️ have often wondered if there’s much of a difference between more expensive false lashes and the cheap ones. If you really need to fork out the money for what’s supposed to be better quality lashes, or if they’d look the same either way.

On a whim I️ bought some $2 ELF strip lashes to see if I️ would like them.

I’ve bought the expensive ones before: MAC, Sephora, etc.

My Opinion

I️ can honestly say there IS a difference in the quality between the $2 lashes and the $15 lashes. The $2 lashes from ELF are fun, but they don’t look natural. You can tell that I’m wearing false lashes when I have them on. When you invest in ones from Sephora, for example, they are meant to look like you aren’t wearing any at all. And you can’t tell that you’re wearing them.

So basically my opinion is that obviously spending more money on false lashes is worth it, but if you’re just wanting false lashes for a night out then opt for the cheaper ones. You’re going out which means you’re probably wearing more dramatic makeup anyway. If you’re wanting some to wear on more of a day to day basis then definitely buy the better quality lashes. ESPECIALLY if you’re buying them for a special occasion, like a wedding.

I also keep reading about Lilly Lashes, and I definitely plan on getting some in the near future. I’ll do a review on those as soon as I can!

Have you tried false lashes? What’s your favorite brand?

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