One Pair of Jeans, Five Outfits!

If you follow me on social media then you saw a few days ago that I scored some jeans from Gap for only $9! They’re super cute and have several places of patchwork on them that I LOVE. The thing is, I immediately thought I could only wear them with with certain types of shoes and shirts, based on the way other bloggers wear theirs. But that’s silly, because I don’t have to dress like other bloggers. I can pair them with whatever I like and already have in my closet. There’s really no need for me to go out and buy certain sweaters to wear with them just to be like everyone else. (Although I am always down to buy new sweaters…I just mean I don’t HAVE to!)

Here they are. My new favorite jeans.

gap jeans, nordstrom, relax, ankle boots, fall

$9! I still can’t get over that part.

So since I am a busy mother of two, also working part-time, training for a half-marathon and running a blog, I don’t have a ton of time to shop. I wish I did, but I don’t! I went through my closet and found 5 outfits that I put together using this one pair of jeans. I found that these jeans can be super versatile and are not just meant for over-sized sweaters!

{Outfit 1}

gap jeans, gap, boots, fall

Paired them with wedged boots and a flowy jersey top. I can add a hat or a necklace to add a little more to the outfit if I want.

{Outfit 2}

Photo Sep 28, 12 56 10 PM

Paired them with black ankle booties and a leather jacket. I could add a scarf to this look on colder days.

{Outfit 3}

Photo Sep 28, 12 36 13 PM

Paired with this adorable Trendy Bubs Mama shirt and some casual sneakers. This is more of my every day wear so this will probably be mostly how I wear these pants the most!

{Outfit 4}

Photo Sep 28, 12 04 23 PM

This is the outfit that I got the most questions about! Sweatshirt is from Nordstrom and says “relax”, and these ankle booties are from Old Navy. I love this look because it looks cute but it’s also really comfortable. This sweatshirt is one of my favorites right now.

{Outfit 5}

Photo Sep 28, 1 09 16 PM

I paired them with black Steve Madden ankle booties and a black and white plaid from Old Navy. I’ll probably wear this on an evening out, with a dark colored lip. I am a pretty casual styled girl, but this can be dressed up a little when I want/need to!


I shared this with you so you know that you don’t HAVE to go out and buy certain types of clothes to go with the new shoes you just bought. There are always outfits in your closet, just waiting for you to put them together! I bet there are plenty of cute tops hanging in there just waiting to be worn this season.

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