{One Year} For Brown Eyed and Blushing

Exactly one year ago I started building my website and getting things all prepared to launch my brand new Beauty, Life, and Style Blog- Brown Eyed and Blushing. I cannot believe it’s been a year already, with so many big things happening to me since the beginning. I had my second child, switched job locations and hours, celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary, celebrated my daughter turning three, and have made many great connections with other bloggers and companies. It has been harder than I imagined it would be, but it’s also very rewarding. Everyone needs a creative output to stay sane, and this has been mine.

I spent the morning looking back at all of my posts from the year and thought I’d reflect back on the three most popular ones.

Achieving Your {Ideal} Brows

brow tips, brows, beauty tips, ideal brows, how to get good brows

This was my first ever blog post and is still the most popular one to this day! In this post I give pointers on how to get the eyebrow shape that you desire. I show you some guidelines to follow, showing you where the brows should start, arch, and end. And then I talk about the correct way to use a brow pencil when touching them up. For it being the first post that I ever wrote, it was a pretty good one! I have grown a little in my writing since then, but overall it was one of my personal favorites!


My Top 5 Beauty {Must Haves} of 2016

strivectin, stretch marks, wrinkles, skin care, beauty, lotion, moisturizer, retinoid, retinol, skin, face


The name pretty much speaks for itself, but in the post I go over my favorite products that I used in 2016. It’s kind of random, which I like. I don’t like things to be too predictable. There’s a few skin care products on the list, a few hair products, and even some hand soaps. I use all of those products still to this day and I would still recommend all of them to you!


Clear Proof Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask Review

kiehl's clay masque, kiehl's deep pore cleansing masque, skin care, mask

This was one of the first product reviews that I did, and I still feel the same way about this product as I did when I wrote it. I really enjoyed the benefits that my skin saw from using this product, and I still think it’s my favorite charcoal mask that I’ve used to this day. I go into more detail on the original post, like ingredients, full list of benefits, and where you can buy it. Since this post did so well it made me excited to start reviewing more of the products that I’m using regularly. So look forward to more posts like it!


My Personal Favorite



From the 60 posts that came from my first year of blogging I’d have to say that my personal favorite is the birth story of my son, Ellis. It’s called The Road To Childbirth {Literally}. It is the longest one I’ve written, and it’s filled with all of the exciting details of the craziest night of my life! And what mother doesn’t love looking back at her birth stories? I loved writing about it, and I got some great responses from other mothers about it.

younique moodstruck 3d fiber lash mascara


I have really enjoyed blogging, and I hope to grow even more in the next year! Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this adventure and kept up with my blog!  I want to hear what you all would like to read more of! Any and all suggestions welcome! Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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