Best Way To Treat A Sunburn

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We’ve all been there: you forgot to reapply sunscreen, or you forgot it altogether. You get up the next morning and your skin has never been more red and is starting to blister. The thought of having to wear a shirt that will touch your skin makes you cringe. So what’s the best way to quickly get rid of it? You can start by following these steps, and then making sure that you don’t make the same mistake twice.

Step 1:

Take a cool bath. Wash your skin with just water, and avoid soaps and washes. Your skin is super delicate right now and using anything too harsh can cause irritation or discomfort. The cool water will feel good on your radiating skin.

Step 2:

Try a cold compress. After the cool bath you will want to continue to sooth your skin with something cold. It will help constrict the blood vessels and will help with swelling. Anything to absorb the heat from your skin will make you feel much better.

Step 3:

Mix real vitamin E with fresh aloe from a plant and apply to your skin at bedtime. If you don’t have an aloe plant then a 100% pure aloe gel will work just fine. To find a vitamin E that’s pure, find it in capsule form. Use a needle to prick a hole in the capsule and squeeze it out onto your finger. It’s going to feel sticky and thick, but I promise it will make all the difference. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is healing to the skin, and aloe vera aids the skin in healing burns. Mixed together you can’t go wrong.

Step 4:

In the mornings, apply a moisturizer to the entire affected area. You don’t want your sunburn to get dry. It would just be a big itchy mess, and everyone knows you don’t scratch a sunburn…I recommend using Acure calming body lotion. If you stash it in the refrigerator it will add some relief to the burn. Remember not to peel off the peeling skin. Just let nature do it’s thing. It’s going to take a good few months for your skin to return to normal, so make sure you continue to moisturize daily to help the process along faster.

I think it goes without saying to try to remember your sunscreen next time, and reapply, reapply, reapply!


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