Beauty Sleep

crane and canopy, bed set

Getting a good night’s sleep has never been more important to me than it is now. Two kids under the age of three, a dog that thinks he’s a child, and working part-time can take a toll on a girl, so getting adequate sleep is necessary. Not just to maintain my sanity, but sleep is also important for my skin. When you sleep your skin repairs itself and works to replenish nutrients to give you a healthy complexion. I know that I need all the beauty sleep I can get, so I like to follow a nightly routine that relaxes me and gets my body ready for rest.

crane and canopy, bed set

I start with my nightly skin care routine. I remove all of my makeup from the day, and then make sure to apply a vitamin c serum and a light moisturizer. Afterwards I like to get into my most comfortable pajamas and snuggle into my soft sheets with a good book. I’m not kidding when I say that my bed is like sleeping on a cloud. It’s my favorite place in my whole house. I have amazingly soft sheets, a foam mattress that adjusts to my body, and a goose down pillow that I can’t live without.

crane and canopy, sheets

crane and canopy, pillows

In my opinion, I believe that making your bedroom a place that you can truly relax in makes all the difference in how quickly you’re able to shut your brain off and fall into a good sleep. Your room is your own little slice of paradise. It’s a place you should just be able to grab a glass of wine, your favorite throw, snuggle in with Netflix for the night, and then drift into a good sleep.

crane and canopy, throw blanket

Poor sleep can actually lead to skin issues. Especially for people who struggle with stress-related issues like acne or psoriasis. Like I said before, when you sleep that’s when your skin can work on repairing any damage, and when you’re deprived of sleep or simply just not getting enough of the deep sleep that your body requires, it causes the release of stress hormones. Therefore causing stress-related skin issues to flair up. Without the deeper stages of sleep your body can’t rebalance hydration, which causes your skin to age faster.

Following a nightly routine is a proven way to help you fall asleep quicker, and get a better night of sleep. So do yourself a favor and start a bedtime routine. Do anything that you enjoy and that would help you relax and prepare your body for rest. Your skin will thank you.


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