0-3 Month Baby Faves 

sophie the giraffe, dove, baby dove, lotion, honest company diapers, little remedies, nose frida, baby faves

As Ellis gets older we continue to try more and more things to find what works best and what he likes. (Okay, mostly what MOMMY likes…) And honestly I have no idea how he’s already 12 weeks old already, but here we are- him growing out of his 0-3 month clothes. Now as we are moving out of this stage I wanted to share what made the top of my list.

  1. Cat and Jack Sleep and Play outfits – seriously genius pajamas for babies! Finally someone figured out that the zipper should start at the top! It makes diaper changes much easier.

cat and jack, sleeper, baby clothes, target

2. Dove Baby Lotion– It smells heavenly, and helped majorly with cradle cap! It’s a thicker lotion, and a little bit goes a long way. Highly recommend, especially for babies who have flaky skin.

3. Nose Frida– I know it seems weird and almost gross to suck snot out of your baby’s nose through a tube, but once you try it you love it! There’s a filter that’s between your mouth and their nose, so no need to worry about a gross surprise. It works like a charm! Ellis had a tiny cold when he was about 8 weeks old, and I used it every time he sounded congested and every single time it unclogged his nose! Go out and buy one right now! You’ll thank me later.

4. Little Remedies Nasal Spray– This saline spray goes hand-in-hand with the Nose Frida I was just talking about. Do a light spray up their nose before you use the Nose Frida. It really helps loosen up the mucous clogging their little nose passages. Grab some of this while you’re at it!

sophie the giraffe, dove, baby dove, lotion, honest company diapers, little remedies, nose frida, baby faves

5. Honest Diapers– I am not a picky mom when it comes to diapers. Seriously, I use them all. Every baby is different, too, so you never know which brand will work best until you try them all. For this stage in Ellis’s life, I love the Honest brand diapers. It’s the only diaper that he hasn’t had leakage with so far. They don’t have the strip at the front that tells you if they’re wet, but make up for that with their super cute designs. Plus there’s the benefit of them being completely clear of any chemicals and are supposed to be great for babies with sensitive skin.

6. Sophie the Giraffe– Of course they’re too little to actually play with toys at this stage, but I’ve been holding it in Ellis’s hands to show him how to bring it to his mouth. He also loves when it gives him kisses (and what mom could get enough of hearing those little baby giggles?!). The Sophie toy is a very popular teething toy and with good reason. The rubber is soft enough to feel good on their gums, but isn’t too flimsy where you should worry about them biting pieces off. (At least my daughter never did with her Sophie.) Very cute for girls or boys, and it’s durable so it lasts the whole time they’re teething.

Photo May 02, 10 45 27 AM

7. Candy Kirby Designs Knotted Gown– I just started using this a few weeks ago, because it’s size 3-6 month and it swallowed E until recently. I love this gown! There’s a large array of color options, but we got the olive colored gown as a gift! I love it so much, I plan to get several more for him to grow into! It’s so convenient because when you’re changing their diaper, all you have to do is untie a knot. The material is super soft, and it’s a little stretchy so it can grow a little with them. Plus they’re amazingly cute.

8. California Baby Shampoo and Body Wash– I’ve been using this on E since his first bath. It contains only naturally-derived cleansing ingredients so it’s super safe to use on your little babe. It’s formulated for sensitive skin so you don’t have to worry that your little one might have a reaction to it. (Also on my Baby Picks of 2016 List! Click link to see the full list.)

9. Natursutten Pacifier– It’s made from natural rubber and comes in 3 different sizes. We are a paci family. I have used them for both of my kids, but I just now discovered the Natursutten paci! I want to save you the money you’d spend on trying out 10 different types of pacifiers and just tell you to get this one first.

10. That’s Not My Fox book- I come from a family of readers, so it’s been important to me to read my babies lots of books! It not only helps them develop a wide vocabulary, but it also helps them understand how to speak properly from a very young age! I have Ellis’s room done in woodland animals (lots of foxes), so I love to display this book on his shelf. It’s a super cute touch-and-feel book, and there’s more books just like it with different animals.

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