Arching Your Brows

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I have people ask me ALL the time how to arch their brows. They either have naturally straight brows, or just haven’t really cared much before and want to start getting a good shape going. Well, arching brows isn’t always easy, and I’d say it’s even an art form. Figuring out how to do your brows takes patience and some practice. Coming from an esthetician who has shaped eyebrows for almost 9 years now, I have seen it all. And I can share some tips that may help you. 

I have a similar post focusing on eyebrows, but here I will share some different tips on where to tweeze, how to fill them in, etc.

Tweezing and Shaping

Okay, so first figure out where your arch needs to be by taking a q-tip or a skinny makeup brush and measure from the corner of your nose through the middle of your iris. Take an eyebrow pencil and make a small dot.

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From there, think about how you’d like your brows to be shaped, but be realistic. You have a natural shape to your brows and can’t always achieve what you have in your mind. (Unless you plan on using an eyebrow filler every day.)

Next, sit back from your mirror about a foot so you can see both eyebrows at the same time. You don’t want to risk making them totally different shapes. If you have straight eyebrows then make sure you either trim a little off the top at the start of the brows, or if you have thick enough eyebrows, you can take a little off the top to give them a softer shape.

If you have thin eyebrows but want them to look fuller and have a noticeable arch, then your answer is to use an eyebrow pencil. I also recommend not touching the shape and letting them grow in for several months. It may be hard, but the fuller you can get your brows, the easier it will be to get a good arch.

Filling Them In

So to fill in your eyebrows with a pencil (or filler of your choice), make sure you use very light strokes, moving in the same direction that your hairs grow. You can start where you marked the dot, and work from there.

Filling in your brows makes that arch so much more noticeable. To make sure you can see your arch, the end of your eyebrows needs to be below the top of the arch, and the front of your eyebrows needs to be lower than the top of the arch. You’ll want to use a brow brush to help comb your eyebrows into shape every morning.

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If they have a mind of their own there are gels you can use to help hold them in place and maintain the shape. Sometimes you can shape your brows exactly how you want, but depending on how your brows naturally grow that may not ever happen. Try to remember that everyone’s brows grow differently and you may not ever have brows that look like Becky’s.

In the Tulsa Area?

If you have tried but can’t quite get it right, you can always come see me at Ihloff South Memorial for a brow consultation. I’d be happy to help you work towards getting that arch right.

Book online at Ihloff or call 918-587-2566 to reserve your appointment. Remember to ask for Ashley Erdogan.


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