Dulce De Donke Skincare

I have just recently become aware of this really adorable (and very affordable) skincare line made in my home state of Oklahoma, Dulce De Donke.

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I have never considered the fact that donkey milk could be so beneficial for your skin, but it definitely is! According to their website, raw donkey milk is rich in ceramides, proteins, phospholipids (fatty acids), vitamins, minerals, & omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. All of which are known to hydrate dry skin, regenerate & reduce wrinkles.

Dulce De Donke came about because their young daughter developed an autoimmune disease and would need antibiotics every day for several years, but they didn’t want to accept that as their only option for treatment. So instead, they did their research and discovered that donkey milk had amazing health benefits and could help their daughter regain her health! They invested in several donkeys and use the very rare milk for their daughter and then make their products from whatever was leftover. To read the full story, visit their website.

Activated Charcoal & Donkey Milk Bar Soap

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“Donkey Milk combined with Activated Charcoal make this soap a powerhouse for drawing out toxins, excess oil, and bacteria without stripping the skin’s protective mantle. Perfect for acne prone, sensitive skin.”

The Activated Charcoal Soap is the first product I’ve tried, and from what I can tell it won’t be the last! It contains other ingredients such as organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic lavender, and organic clove essential oils, which are rich in vitamins and contain anti-fungal properties. The milk bar retails for $9 and would pair really well with their Cleopatra’s Skin Cream.

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All of their products contain donkey milk from the family’s own donkeys and are made with the highest quality of organic ingredients and butters.

Shop Local

Find these amazing products on their website or from their Etsy shop, or shop for them in-store at one of the All Joy Organic Goods stores in Dallas, Texas and Carlton Landing, Eufala, OK, or from the 116th Market and Table in Luther, OK.

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