Hidden Beauty Within Target’s Beauty Aisles

dabney lee, makeup bag, donuts, doughnuts, beauty, target

I don’t know any woman who can walk into Target and leave without glancing through the makeup and beauty section (or the clothes. Or the activewear. Or the accessories. Or the baby section. Okay, maybe that’s just me). There are so many great things hidden within those 4 aisles and I’m convinced that you DON’T have to go to Sephora and department stores to find good products.

Target Finds

target, beauty, makeup mirror, rose gold

This amazing Rose Gold Mini Makeup Mirror is seriously adorable! And on sale for only $9 right now. Smaller mirror means you can bring it with you when you travel!

honest, honest beauty, mascara, primer

Honest Beauty Truly Lush Mascara+Lash Primer does a really good job and giving your lashes some extra volume without costing you a fortune. It’s $22 and will last you several months, which means it’s worth the money.

target, beauty, target beauty, makeup sponges, sponges

Real Techniques Miracle Complextion Sponges come in a 2 pack and costs HALF of the price as one of the original Beauty Blenders at only $10.99. Its rounded on one side, perfect for blending, pointed at the tip, good for concealing, and flat on one side, good for under the eyes application.

tweezerman, tweezers, target, beauty

Tweezerman Mini Slanted Tweezers are now available at Target so you don’t have to go to Sephora or Ulta to find them anymore! Retails for $9.49 and are small, perfect to carry in your purse or makeup bag. Tweezerman tweezers are what I use to shape my brows. (Tips on how to achieve your ideal brows using these tweezers here.)dabney lee, makeup bag, donuts, doughnuts, beauty, target

And speaking of makeup bags, take your pick! There are so many cute makeup bags in all different sizes. I love this Doughnuts Round Top bag by Dabney Lee! Only $9.99!

yes to, coconuts, lip balm, target, beauty

Yes to Coconut Naturally Smooth Lip Balm for $2.99 is a new favorite of mine! I am in love with coconut and I’m in love with the Yes To brand, so it’s a given that I’d love this lip balm!

nyx, makeup, blush, ombre, target, beauty,

NYX Ombré Blush is a great Blush for a not-so-bad price. Only $9.99 and lasts a long time. A little bit goes a long way with this product and it comes in 3 pretty colors.

What About You?

What hidden beauties have you found at Target? Share in the Comments!

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