Packing Yours and Baby’s Hospital Bag

If it’s your first time having to pack a hospital bag and you have NO idea what to bring for you or your baby, you’re not alone!  What’s too much? What will you actually use? How many outfits should you bring for your baby? It is so easy to over pack.

Since I’ve done this once before, I thought I’d share the things I plan to have with me at the hospital for myself and my next baby, this time around.


For Baby

The hospital will have diapers and wipes, so I suggest you use what they have and save your supply! They will also have the big green pacifiers available for you if that’s the type of pacifiers you want to use. Baby will also get a hat and a blanket, but feel free to bring your own (I know you want to).

milk snob, skip hop, boppy pillow, aden and anais, pacifier, petunia pickle bottom, baby, hospital bag, packing for baby

car seat, hospital bag, bringing baby home

baby blankets, swaddle blanket, baby

  • Boppy pillow– I don’t care if you’re breast feeding, bottle feeding, have a vaginal birth or a c-section, you will want to have this with you! It makes life SO much easier.  The pillows they give you are flat and not super comfortable.  This pillow will help you while you’re learning how to hold and feed your baby. You’ll want that extra support.
  • Car seat– This one isn’t necessarily in your bag, but you will not be able to leave the hospital without one. Doesn’t hurt to install it early so you won’t forget!
  • Pacifier– You don’t have to bring your own, but I plan to. My daughter didn’t like the big green pacifiers that the hospital supplied; I was so desperate to get a little sleep that first night, but I failed to bring any of our own pacifiers, so I was out of luck.  This time around, I’m bringing my own, just in case!
  • Swaddle blanket– Like I said, they’ll have a blanket for you to use, but I’m bringing another one in case any accidents happen (and they will). Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a cute, soft one for pictures, right?
  • Burp cloths– This isn’t a necessity, but I remember going through a TON of these when trying to learn to breast feed, so I will bring a few in case things get messy (and they will).
  • Car seat cover– Also not a necessity, but my next baby is coming in by early March, which is still quite cold here in Tulsa, so I want to have that extra layer of coverage for my kiddo.
  • Heavier blanket– Like I said, it’s still quite cold this time of year where I am and walking out into the cold I’ll want a warm blanket over his body.
  • Going home outfit– You can choose whatever type of outfit you want, but I’m going to bring sleepers for him to come home in.  I like that they cover his feet and whole body, are easy to get on, and I’m sure they’re comfortable for him. I’ll bring one Newborn sized one (in case he’s little) and one 0-3 Month one (if he ends up being over 9 lbs!).


For You

The hospital will supply you with the things you’ll need postpartum, like the mesh panties, squirt bottle to clean things, numbing spray, and pads. Leave your breast pump at home! The hospital will have an amazing one for you to use during your stay. Sounds so glamorous, right? Luckily you’ll have that beautiful baby in your arms to remind why it’s all worth it!

packing for hospital, ice pack, phone charger, nipple shield, hair brush, burt's bees

yes to cucumbers, cetaphil moisturizer, packing for hospital

loose shirt, draw-string pants, high-waisted panties, hospital bag

  • Facial cleansing wipes– I want to keep things are simple as possible this time. Last time I brought my entire daily skin care routine with me and didn’t end up using it. I’m sure you’ve read in my other posts that I’m obsessed with the Yes To Cucumbers Facial Cleansing Wipes. I’ll be bringing these with me this time! So easy to use, and they make my face feel clean after using them.
  • Moisturizer for sensitive skin– Your skin will be going crazy after delivery.  It could be dry, could be super oily, could break out, could be bright red from broken capillaries- you just never know.  Bringing a very basic moisturizer meant for sensitive skin is a good idea.
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste– Basic hygiene. I don’t know about you, but I feel like a new woman after brushing my teeth.
  • Nipple shield– I needed these with my last baby, so I’ll bring them with me this time in case he has a hard time latching like his sister did.  The hospital might give you one of these if the lactation consultant thinks you’ll benefit from it.
  • Loose-fitted shirts– I’ll be bringing three loose-fitted shirts with me.  They’ll be comfortable and easy to nurse in. Or if you end up having a c-section, you’ll want things as loose-fitting as possible, I’m sure.
  • Draw-string pants– I brought two pairs of these with me last time, and I’m going to go buy a few more pairs to bring along this time! They were perfect for recovery! My stomach was still bulging weeks after delivery, but it DEFINITELY was in the hospital. Draw-string pants allow you to have them as tight as you need, without cutting into your tender belly.  I’ll be bringing at least four pairs of these. (Bring more pants than shirts in case you get any blood on them and need some backups.)
  • Warm socks– Hospitals are cold! Warm fuzzy socks will definitely come in use! Bring at least 4 pairs.
  • Plastic bag- You’ll need a way to get the dirty clothes home from the hospital. You won’t want them sitting in your bag!
  • Ice packs– If you have a vaginal birth you will LOVE these those first few days! There’s special ones for postpartum recovery, and I highly recommend them.
  • Hairbrush/hair ties– I never fixed my hair in the hospital, so a brush and some ties were all I needed. I’ll leave the other hair products at home this time.
  • Deodorant– A must for obvious reasons.
  • Phone charger– Don’t want that battery going dead when you’re trying to tell your mother how to get to your postpartum room!
  • Slip-on shoes– I’ll probably bring my big comfortable boots to wear home from the hospital since it will be too cold for flip-flops.  Something easy to get on and off will be something you’ll appreciate.
  • Sleeping nursing bras– I’ll be bringing two sleeping nursing bras to wear at night, since they’re not padded and don’t clasp in the back they’ll be comfortable to sleep in.  You don’t really want to wear them during the day if you plan to have a lot of visitors.
  • Regular nursing bras-I’ll be bringing two of these as well to use during the day.
  • Stretchy and high-waisted panties– By the time you’re ready to go home you may want some of your own underwear on. If you like the mesh panties, by all means keep wearing them! I just wanted something I could wear home that made me feel like a normal person again. I recommend finding some very soft, stretchy, high-waisted panties to bring. You can bring a few pairs in case you choose to wear them instead of the mesh ones they give you.
  • Coat– I’ll obviously be needing this since it will be winter, but depending on when your baby is due this could be irrelevant to you.
  • Makeup bag– You can bring it if you want, but I doubt you will get much use out of it. If you decide to bring one, just include the basics: mascara, tinted moisturizer, powder. The simpler the better!
  • Chapstick– You won’t be able to live without it! Bring a backup in case you lose the first tube!
  • Important papers- If you haven’t pre-registered where you plan to deliver make sure you bring your forms and insurance cards so they can admit you.

nursing bras




I think that’s all! The list seems long, but TRUST me, you’ll use it all.  I remember bringing so much more with me last time and I never even touched half of it! (Shampoo, conditioner, facial serum, eye cream, body wash, body lotion, my entire makeup bag.) You think you’ll be put together and will have the energy to primp before your visitors show up, but if your birth is anything like my first- you won’t!

It isn’t the end of the world if you bring too much, so if you feel more comfortable bringing something along that you don’t know if you’ll need or not, just go ahead and pack it. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that it’s there if you should want it.


Did I forget something? Leave your suggestion in the comments!

Good luck, mommas! Wishing you all a smooth birth experience and perfectly healthy babies!

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