Skin Myths Series: Does Oily Skin Age Slower?

Oily skin: it’s hard to control, it clogs your pores, makes your face shiny, and ages your skin slower? What?  If you are one that has to deal with oily skin then this would definitely be the one positive thing about it. What is it about having oily skin that makes people believe your skin will age slower than someone who has dry skin? First lets talk about what causes the skin to age.


Aging Skin

When you hit a certain age (around 25) your skin begins to slow in producing important things like collagen and elastin.  From that point on it’s important to start giving your skin things to help replenish the things you’re starting to lose. Things like antioxidants (found in vitamins C, E, and A), ingredients that will help your skin fight off free radicals, and extra moisture to help build up a barrier of hydration on your skin.  Another thing that causes your skin to age quicker is too much sun exposure.  Wearing a daily sunscreen is one of the best ways to ward off those fine lines and wrinkles.  If you smoke, know that you’re definitely causing your skin to look old faster.  Drink lots of water, and get lots of sleep so your skin can repair itself and keep that skin looking healthy.


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So, does oily skin REALLY age slower than dry skin?

When your skin is dry you see every flake, every crease, every rough patch, and every wrinkle.

This is why it is TRUE that oily skin ages slower than someone who deals with dryness.

Someone with oily skin has that natural barrier of sebum, which keeps your skin moisturized and looking smoother.  Their skin does age, but since their skin stays moisturized on its own they don’t notice the wrinkles as much.  Someone with dry skin only notices the wrinkles more because dry skin tends to show more flaws on your skin.

If you suffer from dry, rough skin don’t fret! You can still do many things to help prevent the aging process.  Use creams and serums at night that focus on replenishing what your skin is losing (I am in LOVE with this Ole Henriksen serum), drink lots and lots of water to help hydrate your skin from the inside-out, and keep wearing your sunscreen. ( Coola SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer is a personal favorite of mine.)


Whether you have oily skin or dry skin it’s important to start caring for your face at an early age. You won’t regret it!

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