Christmas Brownie Cookies

Christmas brownie cookies, chocolate, milk and cookies, sweets, sugar, cookies, milk, holiday

A long time ago, I had a friend tell me about this very simple-to-make cookie recipe that is now my favorite holiday treat.  If you like chocolate, then you will LOVE this cookie.  I call them my Brownie Cookies. These are so good that I always have requests to make them during the holidays!  The batch is huge, which is great because you have enough to hand out to friends and neighbors as little Christmas gifts. (Or you just have lots to eat at home for days, which you’ll want to do because they’re addicting.)


What You Need:

-1 box of chocolate cake mix (I typically choose Betty Crocker Super Moist Milk Chocolate.)

-2 boxes of brownie mix (I typically choose Pillsbury Chocolate Fudge.)

-3 large eggs

-1 cup of water

-1 cup of oil

-a small bag of powdered sugar


-2 large cookie sheets

Simple, right?!  I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s easy.



christmas cookies, brownie cookies, chocolate, simple, easy, fast, holiday, sweets, sugar

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

2. Pour brownie mix into your large mixing bowl, add one egg and mix together.

3. Add the second brownie mix to the mixture, and stir in another egg.

4. Pour in cake mix and your last egg and stir well.

5. Add your cup of oil and your cup of water and mix until it’s smooth and thick.

6. I like to use an ice cream scoop to get the batter onto the cookie sheet.  Leave the cookies about an inch apart so they don’t run together. Put the first cookie sheet in the oven and bake for 9-11 minutes.

7. While the first batch is baking, I get the next batch on the other cookie sheet, ready to pop in the oven. Bake each batch for 9-11 minutes, and continue until your batter is gone!

brownie, cookies, chocolate, sugar, simple, easy, gooey, holiday, christmas recipe, recipe, sweet

8. Let cookies sit for about 6 minutes after you pull them from the oven before you transfer them to the cooling rack.

9.After cookies have cooled for half an hour, dust the powdered sugar over the cookies and enjoy!

The Final Product

Christmas brownie cookies, chocolate, milk and cookies, sweets, sugar, cookies, milk, holiday

Did you try the recipe? What did you think? I’d love to hear how they turned out for you!  Feel free to share this recipe with your friends!



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