Peek Inside My Birchbox 

Have you been considering a subscription to Birchbox but can’t decide if it’s worth it?  I’ve been a Birchbox subscriber for about 9 months now, and this month I’m going to let you have a peek at what was included in this month’s box (November 2016).

For those who don’t know, Birchbox is a monthly subscription ($10/month) that sends you 5 travel-sized beauty products in an adorable little box.  They also have a box specifically for men ($20/month).   The Birchbox website allows you to customize your profile so they send you the appropriate products for your needs.

Each month, they have a uniquely designed box, but it’s always just as beautiful as this one.

My November Box

1.Lavanila Pure Vanilla Fragrance |  Full size retails for $19-$58 

I’m not a huge fan of this scent. I’m not one who usually likes to wear vanilla-scented things; I prefer more of a citrus-scented perfume. I’d love this in candle form, though!

2. Davroe Ends Repair | Full size retails for $25

This is a leave-in treatment that’s supposed to help with preventing split ends and leave your hair soft and shiny.  I haven’t used this before so I’m anxious to see if it makes a difference.

3. Origins Modern Friction Nature’s gentle dermabrasion | Full size retails for $39.50

Here’s one I have used before.  It gives a gentle exfoliaton and leaves your skin feeling very smooth and clean.  They recommend using it 2-3 times a week, but I only did it once (sometimes twice) a week and felt like that’s all I needed.  My favorite product I received in this box, for sure!

4. Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream | Full size retails for $38 

I’m excited to try this product!  I’ve been struggling with under-eye dark circles since becoming pregnant and this eye cream says it will help soothe, hydrate, and promote anti-aging around the eyes, which I definitely need right now!  I have applied it once and noticed a little bit goes a long way, and it leaves your skin feeling really soft.  Can’t wait to see how my dark circles look after a few weeks of using this.

5. Chella Eyebrow Pencil- Tantalizing Taupe | Full size retails for $18 

I’m a huge fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, so I’m interested to see how this pencil measures up.  The color looks like it matches most brunettes’ brows, but the downside is that there’s no brush on the end to comb your brows after it’s applied.


I’ve had a good run with Birchbox, but now it’s time to try something new.  Next month I start a subscription with Sephora Play and can’t wait to see how it compares!  Overall I’ve been happy with the products I’ve received in my Birchbox, but I can say I have several tubes of product I haven’t even touched in my drawer because they don’t apply to me.  I’m saving them in case I do end up needing them one day. You never know! Hopefully this helps give you a better idea of what it’s like so you can decide if it’s something you’d like to try out.  Let me know about your Birchbox experience in the Comments! ✌🏽️

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