5 Ways Coconut Oil Works into your Beauty Routine

coconut oil, beauty tips, five ways to use coconut oil in your beauty routine, skin care

I have finally started incorporating coconut oil into my beauty regimen, and now understand why so many women have already made the switch!  It has been used in cooking for years, but now people are discovering how beneficial it can be to use it topically as well. Coconut oil is known for it’s natural antifungal and antibacterial properties, and there are countless ways to use it.

Here are my top 5 favorite uses for coconut oil in my beauty routine.

coconut oil, beauty tips, five ways to use coconut oil in your beauty routine, skin care

First, make sure you are buying the right thing.  You want to look for an organic virgin coconut oil, unrefined, if you can find it.  I started by using Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut oil because it was convenient to find.

  1. A Lip Balm

    It can be a little difficult to carry around with you, but when you’re home it makes a great lip balm!  It nourishes sensitive skin, and leaves your lips smooth and hydrated.  Take a small amount on your finger and apply straight to your lips. Voila!

  2. A Teeth Whitener

    Coconut oil is surprisingly good for whitening your teeth! The technique is often referred to as oil-pulling.  The lauric acid in coconut oil is what helps to get rid of plaque and bacteria, the main contributors to yellowish teeth. Not only does oil-pulling whiten your teeth, but it freshens your breath as well!  You need a teaspoon amount to swish around in your mouth for 20 minutes every morning.  I know it may sound like a long time, but if you do it while you take a shower it really goes by fast.

  3. A Deep Conditioner

    Coconut oil is the best oil to use on your hair because it actually penetrates hair better than any other oil.  It also prevents protein loss, and keeps your hair looking shiny!  To use it as a deep conditioner, take a quarter size amount into your hand and let it melt.  Work it into your hair, starting at the scalp and moving to the ends.  Put your hair up in a bun for a few hours, and then shampoo it out in the shower.  Easy!

  4. A Night Cream

    Coconut oil is a very gentle oil that is good for nourishing and hydrating, and helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles!  It’s known for reducing premature signs of aging.  Before you use it on your face, make sure you don’t have acne-prone skin.  Some people who are known to break out easily have reported that coconut oil has caused an acne flare up.  During your nightly regimen, work a pea-sized amount between your hands and apply it evenly to your whole face, including under the eyes.  Let it sink in overnight, and then cleanse your skin in the morning.

  5. A Body Lotion

    Like I said above, coconut oil leaves your skin smooth and nourished! You can apply it to your whole body, focusing on any areas that tend to be a little more dry.  It’s even safe to use if you are pregnant, and can help prevent stretch marks from forming!  Use as much as you need, and lather your skin up every night to make sure you’re getting all those amazing benefits!

It can save you so much money, not having to buy all of these things separately anymore!  Who knew it could all be found in one place, with one simple oil?  Try it out, and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I have!  Next up for me, learning how to cook with it…

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